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Polygon launches decentralized ID product powered by ZK proofs

Polygon, a layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum, has launched a zero-knowledge decentralized identity solutionto the public nearly a year after announcing its development.The Polygon ID service uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZK proofs) that use cryptographic techniques to allow users to verify their…

What is a decentralized application? Common DApp applications

Decentralized application (DApp) is an application that operates on the blockchain network. It is a software system that does not rely on central institutions or individuals. It is generally based on distributed ledger technology and has achieved the characteristics of decentralization. This means that the information and records of the application should be stored all over the network and not controlled by a single entity.

DeFi:The operation mode and importance of decentralized ID

The technology DeFi is based on also provides solutions to current obstacles. The solution comes in the form of decentralized identity or did. By using blockchain, smart contract and irreplaceable token (NFT), decentralized identity can provide accurate information for legislators, and also protect users' sovereignty and privacy.

What are decentralized social networks?

The future of decentralized social mediaTraditional Web2 social media platforms are plagued by fundamental problems such as censorship, lack of users’ privacy and demonetization. Decentralization is a potential solution.Many of Web2’s major social media are already looking for a way out by making s…

About Solana’s Decentralized Lending Protocol:Solend

Solend fills a big gap in the Solana ecosystem. Solend takes advantage of the high scalability of the Solana blockchain, which is famous for its high speed and low transaction costs. According to the concept behind decentralization, Solend is a community-driven project, which is decided by voters collectively. This article discusses Solend and its operation mode.

On-chain options could be the next decentralized finance(DeFi)frontier

According to the data, the daily crypto option trading volume of the Central Exchange has been hovering at a level of slightly less than US $1 billion. On-chain options make crypto derivatives further, but they are still far less popular than everyday crypto options. Therefore, the on-chain option may be the next frontier of DeFi.

Nostr Decentralized Social Network Now On Apple and Google Stores

Nostr, the decentralized social network supported by Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, can now be downloaded on Apple and Google app stores.Nostr On App StoresPer a tweet on January 31, Jack Dorsey said the app can now be downloaded via its client, Damus, for iOS users, and Amethyst for those…

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