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Binance 'not planning any layoffs,’ 500 roles to be filled in H1

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has confirmed it is “not planning any layoffs” and is trying to fill another 500 roles by the end of June, according to a Binance spokesperson.The comments came despite a huge spike in crypto layoffs in January — the majority of whom were from crypto exchanges. In a…

Meta begins mass layoffs—why?

Earlier this week, Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that mass layoffs would begin on Wednesday, November 9. It’s expected that t

Ripple Lawsuit: California Plaintiffs Hit Back at John Deaton

In the ongoing Ripple lawsuit, California plaintiffs have hit back at John Deaton, who had filed a motion to allow seven non-parties to submit an amicus curiae brief in support of the defendant's opposition to the lead plaintiff motion for class certification.In their response, the plaintiffs argue…

USDC Operator Circle to Boost Hiring by 25% Despite Widespread Industry Layoffs

Circle Internet Financial, the issuer of the USDC stablecoin, is accelerating growth plans despite recently putting its IPO plans on the back burner.The paper quoted CFO Jeremy Fox-Geen, who confirmed Circle wants to increase its workforce by up to 25% this year.Crypto Industry Continues LayoffsCir…

When AllinWeb encounters blockchain layoffs

Recently, the layoff incident of huobi has become very popular. According to media reports, huabi laid off 40% of its staff. Brother Sun publicly denied that it was untrue. However, the layoffs have been confirmed by internal staff. At the beginning of 2023, people could not help feeling a chill.

Crypto Layoffs Continue in 2023: 3 Firms To Announce Job Cuts

The year 2023 started with the news of massive crypto layoffs. On January 05, 2023 cryptocurrency firms like Crypto-friendly bank Silvergate Capital, Genesis, and Huobi announced the job by reducing their workforce by 40%, 30%, and 20% respectively.And Just five days ago, Crypto.com also said it is…

FTX Plans Billions of Altcoin Sell-offs, How Will Market React?

Bankrupt digital currency trading platform, FTX Derivatives Exchange, may soon offset the balance in the crypto industry with its planned sell-off of altcoins worth $4.6 billion. As revealed by one of the company's attorneys, Andy Dietderich, a total sum of $5 billion in liquid assets have been loc…

All in Web3 meets with blockchain layoffs?

The third generation of the Web is the next generation of the Internet, which is expected to bring significant changes and optimization to the way we use the Internet. It is some people who meet them. Web3. Metauniverse can bring a turnaround to the current depressed Internet environment, and a large number of technologies and operators have begun to work in Web3 and Metauniverse.

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