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Aptos (APT) Forms Symmetrical Triangle Pattern: Here's What It Means

Aptos (APT), a recently launched cryptocurrency, has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern on its price chart, which could be an indicator of an upcoming spike in volatility. The chart pattern is commonly observed in various financial markets and often signals a period of consolidation before a sig…

Celo Foundation and Google Cloud partner to support sustainable Web3 startups

The Celo Foundation has partnered with Google Cloud to support mission-aligned projects in Celo's blockchain ecosystem and advance the early adoption of Google Cloud services. The collaboration is set to allow founders building on Celo to access credits for Google Cloud and Firebase usage, thereby…

Bitcoin Price Dips Again As The Bulls Struggle To Push It To $30K

Bitcoin price is correcting lower from the $28,800 zone. BTC might gain bearish momentum if there is a clear move below the $27,500 support.Bitcoin Price Corrects LowerBitcoin price managed to climb further higher above the $28,500 resistance level. However, BTC struggled to gain pace for a move ab…

136 Million SHIB Destroyed in Single Move, Burn Rate Jumps 1,433%

Shibburn crypto tracker has reported that over the past 24 hours, the Shiba Inu community managed to get rid of a staggering amount of meme tokens, pushing the burn rate high up.During the last 24 hours, the price of Shiba Inu has risen by 3.27% after a slight pullback.Burn rate soars this highAcco…

Ethereum Price Topside Bias Vulnerable If It Continues To Struggle Below $1.8K

Ethereum price started a fresh decline from the $1,860 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH could move down below $1,730 if it stays below $1,800 for a long time.Ethereum Price Faces HurdleEthereum price remained well below the $1,860 level. ETH reacted to the downside and traded below the $1,800…

Big tech companies Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta sued

US giants Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta have received a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee. Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta under indictment The operations of the companies Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta are under the scrutiny of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.The watchdog’s goal…

Monero and Darknet Markets Are Tangled

Crypto markets teeter on the brink of panic as the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) says it will hold a press conference to announce a "significant international cryptocurrency enforcement action."

Google ended the blockchain AI war in person

Seeing that Microsoft AI works on ChatGPT, Google finally joined the competition in person. Anthropic, a start-up company investing in ChatGPT's competitive products, is only the first step. Bard, a chat robot based on the large language model Lamda developed by Google, has become the key to a decisive victory.

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