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With ChatGPT,will blockchain technology giants give up the metauniverse?

Betting ChatGPT is Microsoft's main driving force recently. On the other hand, it has gradually wielded the "big knife" of layoffs to the business of the universe. According to overseas news, Microsoft has disbanded the Industrial Universe team, which has been established for only four months, and about 100 employees have been dismissed. This article will answer for you.

New opportunities for blockchain development of Web3.0 and metauniverse in 2023

As two new technologies, Web3.0 and Metauniverse are expected to completely change the way people develop markets in the next few years. Also known as the Semantic Web, it is the next generation version of the Internet, designed to make the user experience more intelligent and intuitive. This article will answer for you.

The first batch of metauniverse blockchain technology was announced in Shanghai

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology issued the Notice on the "Revealing Commander" Project of the Major Application Fields of the Shanghai Yuan Universe in 2022, and released the "List of the First Batch of Major Application Fields of the Yuan Universe in Shanghai in 2022", which encouraged key enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate with scientific research institutions, and large enterprises led small enterprises to jointly reveal the

Virtual people become frequent visitors to the blockchain metauniverse?

In recent years, it is not difficult to see that programs created around digital people and virtual reality labels are common in major mainstream platforms and various party celebrations, and virtual people have become one of the regular guests of the party in the new era. In the view of industry insiders, the virtual human industry may still be in the heating stage in the future, and there may be a certain "embarrassing period".

The impact of the development of metauniverse on blockchain media

In the past 20 years, the Internet has brought a huge incremental market. In the process of constantly burning money, subsidies, innovation and traffic wars, the pattern of controlling the traffic entrance of major platforms has gradually taken shape, and a new media mode has quietly emerged. This article will answer for you.

The first domestic blockchain Yuanuniverse 360 anti-fraud market opened

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2023, China's first metauniverse anti-fraud market opened. The National Anti-fraud Center and 360 Group have transferred anti-fraud education and publicity to the social media platform N World. Metauniverse anti-fraud is not important for ordinary people, but it is very "practical" for the 360 N world. This article will answer for you.

Can 2023 blockchain meta universe VR/AR promote 3D?

Some consulting companies predict that the aggregation potential provided by the yuan universe economy will have an impact of up to $5 trillion in 2030. In this prediction cycle, 2023 is a key year in the early stage of the development of the metauniverse. As major technology and internet companies around the world will innovate this year, all aspects of human production and life will be pushed into a new era again. The content in the article will answer for you.

Has the metauniverse game of blockchain become Chinese?

In the era of Web2, all users' data are locked in the servers of different centralized platforms, which has become the most advantageous spear in the Web3 platform and pierced the core of rivals. On the one hand, there is no time to say goodbye. On the other hand, can players control their digital destiny in the Web3 world? This article will answer for you.

Genesis and Gemini Reach Agreement in Principle

After weeks of tense back-and-forths, Digital Currency Group, Genesis, and Gemini seem to have reached an agreement as to a possible restructuring plan—which still needs court approval.Genesis appears to have found a solution to its current solvency issues.The bankrupt crypto lending company announ…

Genesis creditors to expect 80% recovery under proposed restructuring plan

A Genesis creditor has revealed the new proposed restructuring plan between Genesis, Digital Currency Group (DCG), and creditors will see creditors getting back at least 80% of their funds. On Feb. 6, Genesis Global announced it reached an "agreement in principle" with Digital Currency Group (DCG…

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