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The Blockchain and Identity Management

Cryptocurrency and Identity Management: How Blockchain is Changing the Way We Verify Identity Data security and privacy have become hot topics over the past few years. With more and more companies being exposed for how they use customers’ identities and data, people are looking for alternative and…

Brother Sun's fire must be registered with Dominic Digital Identity Analysis

After the rumor of negotiating with SBF to acquire FTX recently spread, Sun's Huo Coin was also renamed Huobi, and then jointly registered with Dominica for Dominica's digital identity. While attracting everyone's attention, Huobi began to plan to launch the Dominic Digital Currency DMC, stipulating that only HT can buy it, so that HT can be enabled. Dominic's digital identity also gives power to other financial industries.

With a profit of 15 million yuan and a cost of only thousands of yuan, the arbitrageur is making more money than the hacker. Is his identity suspicious?

On December 2, the aBNBcToken, which provides the encryption infrastructure "Ankr", was attacked because of the infinite casting contract token vulnerability. The attacker forged many aBNBcTokens and sold them, resulting in the price of aBNBc being almost zero. Many users did not know the information in time to stop the loss. This article will answer for you.

Interpret the identity of Web3, and understand the core concepts and main attributes of decentralization

Understand the identity of Web3, and understand the core concepts and main attributes of decentralization. Before the rise of Crypto and web3, decentralized identity was a collective effort. The overall goal is to enable individuals to regain the autonomy of their identity without relying on a centralized, single gatekeeper. The abuse of customer data and the weakening of trust in large companies have made decentralization the core of the next Internet identity era.

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